Be Forever Beautiful with Dr. Oz’s Wisdom

Everyone wants to be beautiful. But forget the idea that beauty is only skin deep — or that the desire for better looks is shallow.

THE TRUTH: Being more beautiful could SAVE your life!

And that’s the reason doctors Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD — two pioneers of proactive, preventive medicine — have created You Being Beautiful, the ultimate guide to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. “When you look good and feel good, your body is healthier and your whole life is better,” says Dr. Oz. “What’s more, science shows that a fit and healthy body is actually biologically younger than one that’s flabby and out of shape.”

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Get Slimmer Thighs, Tighter Tummy!
Yes, say the doctors, there are foods that can strip away fat, wherever it may be in your body. Seven foods are especially powerful fat fighters, the doctors advise. You’ll discover all of them and their wonderful body-reshaping powers in You Being Beautiful!

REVERSE Skin Aging with This Amazing Fruit!
You already know that as the years go by, your skin thins. The result is that your hands and other parts of your body begin to resemble a medical illustration of the body’s blood vessels. You can try to hide these signs of aging or use a Dr. Oz suggestion to tackle the
problem at its roots.

There’s a fruit that actually causes the epidermis to thicken, reversing the process that’s making your body look like a blood vessel diagram! Luckily, it’s a good-tasting fruit, and you can eat it whole or drink the juice. It’s identified on page 213 of your FREE-preview copy of You Being Beautiful.

Save Your Brain from the "Fuzzies" — with Aspirin! You probably think aspirin when your head aches. But your head can benefit from aspirin in an entirely different way. Taking aspirin, say the doctors, has been shown to produce a tremendous 40 percent decrease in arterial aging. That aging process is a major cause of memory loss. The exact reason why it works isn’t known, but it could be that it cleans out gunk that accumulates in the brain or improves circulation.

This major benefit was found when people took a specific amount
of aspirin, which is revealed on page 59 of You Being Beautiful.
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Never Suffer from "Puffy Face"!
Try the one-minute facial on page 216 to depuff a swollen-looking face.

  • Doctor’s favorite solid and liquid soaps for smoother skin!
    Page 203
  • Why you need a different face cream after age 50! Page 219
  • Why you should be (a little scared) of mascara! Page 226
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