Exclusive Edition! Not available in stores! Dr. Oz wants YOU to look younger, healthier, more beautiful than ever!Exclusive Edition! Not available in stores! Dr. Oz wants YOU to look younger, healthier, more beautiful than ever!
Make Dr. Oz your personal doctor and life-improvement coach
Everyone wants to be beautiful. But forget the idea that beauty is only skin deep — or that the desire for better looks is shallow.

THE TRUTH: Being more beautiful could SAVE your life!

And that's the reason doctors Mehmet Oz, MD, and Michael Roizen, MD — two pioneers of proactive, preventive medicine — have created You Being Beautiful, the ultimate guide to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

"Beauty is the foundation of our feelings, our health, our humanity," says Dr. Oz. "When you look good outside, you feel good inside." Think about that for one moment: America's most beloved doctor is telling you that not only is it okay for you to try to look good, but it's also imperative for your well-being. Time to schedule that facial — doctor's orders!

"When you look good and feel good, your body is healthier and your whole life is better," Dr. Oz explains. "What's more, science shows that a fit and healthy body is actually biologically younger than one that's flabby and out of shape."
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In You Being Beautiful, Dr. Oz shows YOU how to: Flatten your tummy! In You Being Beautiful, Dr. Oz shows YOU how to: Flatten your tummy!
You can ignite your metabolism — with food! In fact, by following Drs. Oz's plan, you'll burn up to 35% more calories after every meal. And that's before you even move a muscle. Plus, this same scientific nutrition strategy will help you eliminate cravings and decrease your appetite. So you lose weight almost effortlessly!
Tone your arms, legs, and butt! Tone your arms, legs, and butt!
Shape up fast — without ever stepping foot in a gym. Whether you have a little to lose or a lot, Dr. Oz's at-home exercise plan will help you trim the fat for a flat stomach, slim hips, and shapely arms and shoulders. You'll say goodbye to bra fat, arm flab, and yes, even that stubborn muffin top.
Look and feel younger! Look and feel younger!
Drs Oz and Roizen show you how to activate the magical molecule — a protein called sirtuin — that slows aging! It's hard to believe, but by following the good doctors’ advice, you'll change the chemistry in your body to help neutralize aging. And this priceless protein is easy to switch on. (Hint: The most fun way involves a glass of red wine.)
Sleep like a baby!
Did you know there's a perfect room temperature for sound, stress-reducing sleep? Quality shut-eye helps rejuvenate your skin and reduces the signs of aging — overnight! (Hey, it's called BEAUTY sleep for reason.) And no matter how restless your nights are now, Dr. Oz's guide to a good night's rest will ensure that you'll sleep better than you have in years.
"The average American should be in bed by 10 p.m." — Dr. Oz
  Flip on your fat-burning switch!
Believe it or not, FOOD IS YOUR BEST FRIEND when it comes to losing weight and preventing diabetes. By making the right choices, food can help you conquer cravings, turbocharge your resting metabolism (so you'll burn calories even while sitting in front of the TV!), and stabilize those roller-coaster blood sugar spikes that lead you to feed uncontrollably. In You Being Beautiful, Drs. Oz and Roizen will teach you how to turn food into the ultimate fat-fighting weapon.
YOU Checkup: Is your thyroid making you fat?
Were there ever a way to measure inner beauty, it would surely be determined by your thyroid levels. The thyroid gland, your body's gas pedal, controls how much get-up-and-go you have and can affect weight gain and fatigue. If your thyroid is low, you probably don't look and feel as good as you could — or as good as you should. Take this test adapted from You Being Beautiful to see if you might have a problem.
Do you feel tired even after a low-key weekend?
Have you gained 10 or more pounds?
Check your temperature. Is it often under 98 degrees?
Are you achy?
Do you have high LDL cholesterol?
Do you like the house warm?
Do you have dry skin?
Do you have thin hair?
If you have at least three of the above symptoms, you could have low thyroid. While it's smart to ask your doctor for a blood test, You Being Beautiful provides dozens of easy, at-home tips that may help relieve your symptoms — and your frustration. Plus, throughout the book, you'll find more self-tests like this that can help you identify other physical and mental obstacles, issues, and ailments — and discover the fixes that will quickly improve your life.
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Beat the blues with a banana!
Eating a banana a day facilitates the cross-talk among your brain cells and the effect of mood-lifting brain chemicals like serotonin. Both effects can help keep the therapist away by preventing recurring minor depression.
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